Alyana says that grabbing opportunities when they come is key to moving forward in your career

Published: November 29, 2018

There are many different avenues for career development at Medibank. Real-time Analyst and Workforce Planner Alyana Obtinalla, who joined the Medibank family in January this year, has been successful in securing a position in the 2019 Medibank Graduate Program.

Before working at Medibank, Alyana was an accounts and customer relations executive for two e-commerce companies in Melbourne. She has always had a special interest in both health science and business, and decided that Medibank was a perfect place to combine these.

“In December 2017, I enrolled in a post-graduate business course. At the same time, a family friend who worked at Medibank told me about a vacancy in the Customer Connect team, and that’s when I realised – Medibank could bring both my passions together!”

Graduation photo

Alyana (middle) with family at her University graduation.

Alyana was successful in getting the role in January 2018 and for seven months was a Member Advocacy Consultant in the Customer Connect team.

“The responsibility of a Member Advocacy Consultant is to ensure that customers are truly supported in their health journeys.”

In August, she eagerly took a secondment as a Real-time Analyst with the Workforce Planning and Optimisation team, a position she is still currently in.

“An important part of my role, is the real-time management of our resources, ensuring we have the correct number of consultants at the right time to answer our accurately forecasted volume of incoming calls,” says Alyana.

“This role has given me valuable experience as it has opened my eyes to see how Customer Connect works and how the different channels operate.”

Team photo in office

Alyana (left) with her team.

Alyana has taken advantage of every opportunity placed in front of her, which has brought her to where she is today and where she’ll be in 2019.

“Being a part of Medibank has felt like I’m in a rocket ship! Within my first three months here, there were already so many opportunities,” she says.

“When I was considering applying for this secondment, I spoke to my previous team leader about it and he was extremely supportive. It’s one of the main things I love about Medibank – I have the chance to work with incredible teams who support and encourage each other.”

The idea to apply for a spot in the 2019 Graduate Program was suggested by her current team leader during one of their regular one-on-one catch ups.

“I looked into it and the more I investigated, the more interested I became. To be able to rotate into different business areas is something I’m very much looking forward to. The first area I’ll be spending my time in as a grad is within the Customer & Portfolio space, which is already very close to me so I’m very excited to learn more!”

The Medibank Graduate Program is open to both current employees and those working elsewhere. It’s an excellent way to gain experience in different areas of the business as well as offering career progression.

“It’s such an amazing opportunity to immerse ourselves in various areas of the business while receiving valuable training and learning opportunities. This can develop and kick-start our careers,” says Alyana.

“It’s a great platform and pathway, whether you’ve just finished your degree, looking for a career change, or simply because you connect with what Medibank stands for.”

Team photo in office

Alyana with her Medibank colleagues.

In less than a year, Alyana has been able to immerse herself in different areas of the business and gain a wide range of knowledge. There is no doubt that the Graduate Program will continue to open new doors for her at Medibank.

“One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is that my career is what I make of it. Having a supportive family, encouraging colleagues and leaders at Medibank has made my time here already fulfilling,” she says.

“Each step of your career, big or small, is a part of your journey so take your time, take risks, grab opportunities and have fun on this adventure!”

Click to read more about the Medibank Graduate Program.

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