William is proof that there’s no limit when it comes to exploring different industries and changing careers

Published: December 21, 2018

Taking the leap in your career and deciding to move into a completely new industry can be intimidating and overwhelming. This is the situation Customer Team Leader William Proffitt found himself in two years ago, deciding it was time to leave hospitality and start a new adventure.

William began his Medibank journey on a temporary contract in January 2017 as part of the Customer Connect team, taking calls from customers and assisting them with whatever they needed.

“I was a general manager for a well-known café in the Melbourne CBD and by the end of 2016, I really felt like I needed a change and I had a very strong urge to just go for it,” he says.

“I got in touch with a recruiter for some guidance on where to begin when it came to changing industries. He put me in touch with a few call centres but strongly recommended Medibank to me.”

Asked what made him decide it was time to move on from hospitality, William says he felt he’d achieved what he wanted, and knew he was ready for his next step.

“I was working 50-60 hours a week. I’d made it to general manager, and there was nothing else above that but to be an owner. Starting from scratch or buying a café is a huge risk and financial burden that I just wasn’t able to take,” he says.

“I’d reached the top, I was hungry for my next opportunity, and I knew I wanted to be in a more corporate role and environment.”

Colleagues at desk looking at computer screens

Coaching one of his team members.

During a conversation with the recruiter, William was made aware that Medibank has plenty of opportunities for employees to grow in their careers – whether that’s moving up from their current role or taking on new roles in completely different teams in the business.

“This recruiter said Medibank looks after its employees, and with hard work, passion, and determination, a clear career pathway would definitely be on offer. And that’s exactly what happened – in just 18 months, I went from being on a temporary contract into a leadership role.”

His journey into leadership was guided by the Medibank Customer Connect ‘Step Up Team Leader’ program, which prepares employees to become future leaders.

“It’s essentially a talent pool of people who have put their names forward and have been identified as future leaders. There’s plenty of training, coaching, and workshops that take place, preparing us to become leaders one day.”

Team photo at work

William with his team.

As a new Customer Service Team Leader, William is determined to help his team continue to thrive in their roles and to guide them during their time with Medibank.

“I will always believe in leading from the front. I think I’m a good example of what happens when you grab opportunities, and when you work hard. It’s about setting an example and showing people that you really can grow in your career,” says William.

“Medibank is very good at supporting its employees. The business understands that we are humans and have needs, both personally and professionally. There is so much room to grow and develop, and we are always encouraged to do so.”


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