Why preventative healthcare is crucial to living a good life

Published: April 11, 2019

CareComplete is a Medibank service supporting people living with chronic and complex health conditions and aims to improve their quality of life. Within the service, there are three different program – CarePoint, CareFirst, and CareTransition. Caitlin Thompson is a Care Coordinator with the CareFirst team, which focuses on healthy behavioural change.

“It’s my role to guide clients in changing their personal habits with the aim of maximising their health and wellness,” she explains.

“Each client has different goals, priorities, interests, and motivations. I find out what drives each person and check in every session to see if their circumstances have changed and if we need to adjust our focus.”

Caitlin further explains that prevention is vital in ensuring a healthier life.

“Early detection of changes and prevention of diseases are extremely important and allows us to live our fullest lives. That’s what we all want – a good quality of life.”

Group photo of women in the office at Christmas

The Queensland CareComplete Clinical team.

Primary and secondary prevention are both important when it comes to living a healthy life.

“Primary prevention aims to limit the incidence of disease and disability in the population. It does this by eliminating or reducing factors that reduce good health and by promoting behaviours that are protective of health. This includes immunisation programs and discouraging the uptake of smoking,” says Caitlin.

“Secondary prevention aims to prevent the progression of diseases. It does this through early detection and intervention, and targets individuals who may show no symptoms, but are exposed to or have known risk factors for a particular condition.”

There are different ways in which Medibank puts focus on health prevention for all Australians.

“We fund projects through Medibank’s Better Health Foundation, providing health and wellbeing programs such as Medibank’s Free + Active and Parkrun for our members. As part of CareComplete, I speak to people about nutrition, physical activity, reducing alcohol intake, taking medications as prescribed, monitoring their risk factor, having regular pathology checks and immunisations.”

Caitlin (standing, second from left) as part of the Heart Foundation’s Health Professional Ambassador Program.

Caitlin says Medibank’s focus on prevention plays a vital part in why she loves the role that she is in.

“We have the vision to be a leader in Australian healthcare. Medibank values our skillset and invests in improving the services that we provide as well as leading health and wellbeing programs in the country. It’s very exciting to be a part of all of that.”


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