“Take the chance at a career in aged care and be part of improving someone’s quality of life.”

Published: May 9, 2019

HealthStrong physiotherapist Vieran Parbhu says working in aged care is more enriching than he could have ever imagined, providing him with the opportunity to meet and care for residents, each one with an amazing story to tell or experience to share.

HealthStrong – part of Medibank – delivers healthcare services, including physiotherapy, podiatry, and occupational therapy, within retirement and aged care homes.

“The residents I look after take the time to share stories and challenges they’ve experienced, and it makes what I do very rewarding.” Vieran said.

Before deciding to work in the aged care industry, Vieran spent time working in private practice. Soon he realised, he was looking for something more.

“I would work with patients for 20 minutes, one after the other, which I personally found challenging. Working with HealthStrong, my role has become community-minded, supporting older residents in aged care facilities.”

Two males and one female walking

Vieran (right) with colleagues Kylie and Shaun.

In the beginning of his career with HealthStrong, he was given the opportunity to play an integral role in setting up the ‘Health Hub’ in the retail store at Medibank’s head office in Melbourne. Late last year, Vieran relocated from Melbourne to Sydney and began working exclusively in aged care facilities.

“I truly do love working in aged care and being able to play a part in improving and empowering the residents to live better and healthier lives. As we work through exercises and rehabilitation, we have conversations during which I often end up learning a lot myself,” he added.

“I absolutely love helping residents take steps and other basic things we take for granted on a daily basis. For me, it’s about inspiring them and keeping them both mentally and physically well. I listen and talk to them whilst we do exercises and work together to ensure their overall health is at its best.”

As part of Medibank, Vieran says he has been given the support, guidance, and opportunities to lead a successful career in aged care.

“Being a part of this organisation, I have had constant access to excellent training. I can reach out to many people if I ever need any assistance or guidance.”

Colleagues at dinner

Vieran and fellow HealthStrong colleagues at a team dinner.

Vieran says anyone considering transitioning into a role working within the aged care industry should go for it.

“If you’re interested, you should definitely take the chance at a career in aged care and be part of improving someone’s quality of life. Go into it and don’t be afraid to make a change.”


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