By celebrating diversity, we can foster a culture of respect and understanding

Published: June 27, 2019

Medibank is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion from all points of life.

The Culture Working Group passionately showcase the many different cultural backgrounds that make up Medibank. Talent Acquisition Partner, Maria Karagiannis, and National Manager of Business Development, Josh Stamp, are both active members of the group and share its purpose and impact.

“Medibank’s Culture Working Group is made up of employees who are passionate about cultural diversity. It plays an important role in incorporating culture into the workplace as an extension of bringing one’s whole self to work,” Josh explains.

“Together we aim to enhance understanding and appreciation of different cultures, religions, and customs at Medibank for our employees, customers, and community.”

Maria says the group plays an integral role in building a diverse workplace, where people can truly feel accepted for whatever their background.

“It’s extremely important to have advocates in order to successfully and continuously raise awareness about the different cultures around,” she says.

“We live in a multicultural country and to further understand and connect with each other, we have to come together. We need to recognise that there is an array of beliefs and traditions surrounding each of us,” says Josh.

collage photo of Indian food

Traditional Indian food served at a Diwali celebration, hosted by the Medibank Culture Group.

The group celebrates cultural events such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, and A Taste of Harmony, as well as creating conversations about the variety of ways people celebrate their backgrounds.

Maria adds, “Humans of Medibank is an internal initiative, which invites employees from around the business to share their stories, traditions, and customs. This allows the rest of us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes people who they are.”

The Culture Working Group, alongside a number of other Diversity & Inclusion groups at Medibank, act as a way to bring people together, no matter their background.

Josh says, “It’s important that a group like this exists so that we can create a platform for cultural expression. Medibank prides itself on being an employer that embraces individuality and diversity. We create tangible, meaningful ways for all employees to both celebrate and participate in inclusivity.”

employees standing in the kitchen for a culture presentation

A Medibank employee speaking at a Chinese New Year celebration, hosted by the Medibank Culture Group.

Asked where they see the group in the future, Josh and Maria simply hope for it to continue to create a connection between everyone.

“We would love to see people be more comfortable in opening up and share their traditions, cultures, and religions with others in the business. It’s about creating a bond between all of us and discovering that we have more in common than we think.”


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