“That’s why I became a nurse – to make a positive impact on people.”

Published: May 12, 2021

At Medibank, we value the passion and dedication of all our nurses and want to recognise the selfless work they do to support the health of our customers and the Australian community every day. This International Nurses Day, 12 May, we celebrate the nurses around the world and the life-changing role they play in our lives.

Phi Nguyen of Home Support Services (HSS) is one of the many healthcare professionals at Medibank who continue to provide care to Australians. Part of the Medibank Group, HSS offers programs and services that enable people to receive care in their own homes, something Phi says drew him to the organisation.

“I found it fascinating the idea that an organisation could provide what hospitals could but in the comfort of people’s homes. What an amazing idea!”

Phi says that although crossing paths with different personalities and situations each day can prove to be a challenging part of his role, the rewards far outweigh the hard times.

“It feels really fulfilling to be able to resolve issues that come about and create those therapeutic relationships with customers. It’s extremely rewarding when those you’re trying to help show trust in you and the work you do.”

COVID-19 has impacted lives everywhere in different ways. As someone who works in the healthcare industry, Phi says he did his best to not let the pandemic impact him negatively and instead chose to see it as an opportunity to step up and help others who needed it.

“I just did my best to keep my head up with positivity. To me, that’s why I became a nurse – to make a positive impact on people. I also have an amazing team and leaders who support each other every step of the way.”

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