Lia’s support as a mother and a carer allows Gary to have the best possible life.

Published: September 22, 2021

In July this year, Outpatients Direct Team Leader Lia’s 28-year-old son Gary started his job at the new KFC Superstore in Perth. Gary is autistic and was also born with a cleft palate.

“Like most young men, he has ambition and goals. He is very proud to put on his uniform and takes his job seriously. He’s the perfect employee really, never late and a stickler for the rules!”

Although being a carer has its challenges at times, it’s a responsibility Lia is more than happy to have and knows that the support she provides allows Gary to have a beautiful life.

“Juggling a full-time job, ensuring he attends appointments, navigating the NDIS, meeting his support workers for both his social and working life, and generally ensuring he is happy, healthy and fulfilled can be a lot but I know Gary leads a fulfilled and happy life because I am able to support him.”

Young man ready to start work at KFC

Gary, wearing his KFC uniform, ready to start his workday!

As the primary carer for Gary, Lia is excited about connecting with our carers at Medibank to help create awareness of the different types of carers out there as well as celebrate those who need a helping hand in their everyday lives.

“I love to see him learn new skills, including working in a team, navigating new systems and software, interacting with the public and achieving the goals he has set for himself.”


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