Health Concierge

Personalised support, when you need it most.

Health Concierge is a truly personalised service that is dependent on the member’s needs. From providing targeted healthcare information, emotional support, and links to resources in the community, Health Concierge is our way of offering the extra support and care our members need, when they need it most, to help them get the best possible outcome.


Health Concierge is a program established to help Medibank members with specific health needs when they need it most – such as when preparing for, or recovering from, a hospital stay or treatment.  By helping our members stay better informed and connecting them to the right resources and services, our Health Concierge program can improve their overall healthcare experience and recovery.

Our Health Concierges are skilled in providing exceptional support to people in a range of circumstances, including those going through potentially stressful and emotional times. They specialise in offering personalised support and assisting members to access the services they need at the time they need them.

Depending on their situation Members on Health Concierge can access:

  • Information, follow-up calls, and links to clinical and non-clinical services, including Medibank’s 24/7 Health Advice Line for assistance, or Medibank Customer Support Centre for questions about health insurance
  • Advice on going to and from hospital, including what to pack, information on the procedure, and tips for a speedy recovery
  • A range of Medibank Health programs and services, including CareTransition and Rehab in the Home

Thousands of members have already benefited from the program, including those who suffer from certain cancers (prostate and breast), cardiovascular issues, have undergone major hip and/or knee surgery, are over 75 and living with a chronic illness, or are pregnant and on single cover. We are continuing to expand this service to include additional admissions and health conditions which would benefit from this dedicated and personalised support.

What can I apply for?

The Health Concierge Team is dedicated to providing Health Assurance to Medibank members with specific conditions, health needs or who are undergoing specific hospital procedures.  This is done by providing emotional, practical and customer support, to concierge members for voluntary entry into a range of health programs.

The Specialist Health Concierge Officer (SHCO) role is responsible for making contact with Medibank members before they go to hospital or when they receive treatment for certain conditions or illnesses. You will be delivering a phone-based complimentary support service, assisting members to understand the broad range of support services available, how to access them and to offer empathetic support during a time of personal stress.

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Qualification required for the role

To be successful in this role you will be an APHRA or similarly registered clinical or allied health professional.

Personal Competencies include:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • High levels of empathy
  • Experience in working with people at vulnerable times
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Dedication to patient centred care

A career at Medibank adds up to more. More achievement. More progress. More passion and more innovation for health.

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Meet Our Employees

Dave Basnet

Medibank Health Concierge Officer

What is the average ‘day in the life’ of a Health Concierge Officer (HCO)?

A day in the life of a HCO involves getting in touch with Medibank members going in for various procedures. It is my job to reach as many members as possible, before their hospital admissions and to ensure that they get the information they need to have a safe hospital journey and recovery.

Why do you love your job as a Medibank Concierge?

I love coming into work every day knowing that we have such a positive impact on our members. It is such a valuable service that aims to improve the quality of life of our members.  Health Concierge is a truly personalised program that shows that Medibank cares for its members. I find the job very rewarding and one that fulfils me on a daily basis. No day is the same as we come across people from different backgrounds, ages, walks of life and most importantly support needs/requirements.

How does your job make a difference to members’ lives?

I find most members pleasantly surprised that this service exists, and a huge number of members that we contact state that it is rare for an insurance company to provide a program that gives something back for their loyalty, and a program that costs them nothing.  The information and advice that we share makes a profound difference to our members, and I find it very fulfilling that I am behind that phone imparting valuable knowledge and in a way, educating our members on health advice and information.  I often hear members say, “Thank you… Thank you for caring,” or “Wow, you guys are doing an amazing job!” or “I don’t feel like I’m on my own anymore.”  That’s what makes the job extremely enjoyable!

What is your most memorable experience working on the program?

I was one of the first Health Concierges and one of my most memorable experience was making my very first call to a member who was undergoing a cardiac procedure.  It was a bit nerve-racking to make that first call. I didn’t know what to expect, how it was going to go down and if the program would be received positively. It turned out to be my best and most memorable call so far. I even remember the member’s name!  He was very receptive of the service, and although quite anxious about the procedure, by the end of the call he was more relaxed. I let him know that he was not alone on this journey and we were there to guide him onto a smooth recovery by advising him of the various services and resources available to him. I recommended that he contact the Australian Heart Foundation for further information or advice, and talk to the discharge planner in the hospital to help link him in with other services.  I followed up with him twice after he was discharged and he let me know that the information we sent him was extremely valuable, especially the check-list on what to take to the hospital as he said he is generally a forgetful person. This member was surveyed a few weeks later and rated Health Concierge 10/10 for all the criteria!

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