HealthStrong offers a variety of health services and products to individuals and businesses all around Australia.

Who we are

At HealthStrong, our aim is to provide convenient high-quality care where you want it, when you want it. For over 15 years, HealthStrong has delivered allied health care into retirement and aged care and in recent years into the corporate wellness centres and individual’s homes.

Our Services include Physiotherapy, Pain Management, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Diversional Therapy, Speech Therapy, Optometry, Audiology and Dietetics.

What can I apply for?

HealthStrong is a national company with one purpose – improving the lives of the elderly. Our practitioners are integral to achieving that goal.

If you think that a career with HealthStrong is something that you would be interested in, we’d love to hear from you. Click below to view all current opportunities and apply today! If you have any queries about an advertised position, you can get in contact with us directly at

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  • Physiotherapists
    HealthStrong’s Physiotherapists are committed to improving the lives of the elderly and have excellent complex reasoning skills and strong knowledge across all areas of Physiotherapy. They are innovative, think outside the square and are friendly, hardworking and love what they do.
    Physiotherapist job roles and responsibilities:

    • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments;
    • Develop innovative and individualised treatment plans;
    • Provide hands-on physiotherapy techniques to reduce pain and to maintain residents’ quality of life and functional abilities;
    • Provide rehabilitation and falls prevention initiatives to residents;
    • Undertake exercise classes such as balance, strengthening and Tai Chi classes to improve quality of life;
    • Assess for and prescribe mobility aids and functional appliances to improve resident function;
    • Provide manual handling education to staff and general education to residents and families;
  • Occupational Therapists
    HealthStrong’s Occupational Therapists adopt a wellness and re-ablement approach to support our residents to navigate the services and opportunities that can be used to live their lives their way.
    Occupational Therapist job roles and responsibilities:

    • Conduct individualised patient assessments;
    • Perform cognitive assessment and strategies for maintaining optimal cognitive function;
    • Provide intervention and falls prevention strategies to residents;
    • Provide specialised assessment and prevention planning for decreasing the incidence of pressure injuries;
    • Holistic development of care plans with a person-centred approach to suit the needs of the individual;
  • Podiatrists
    Good foot health is crucial to the wellbeing of the elderly. All of HealthStrong’s Podiatrists are qualified and highly trained and follow rigorous infection control procedures.
    Podiatrist job roles and responsibilities:

    • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments;
    • Develop individualised treatment plans;
    • Conduct treatments such as routine nail care, removal of ingrown toenails, removal of calluses and corns;
    • Undertake advanced treatments such as management of foot ulcers and wounds;
    • Assess for and prescribe aids and appliances such as orthotics, wedges, toe pads etc to improve foot function and minimise disability and pain;

Our Graduate Program

Will you be the one?

To make it better for others? To trigger change? To bring on smiles? At HealthStrong, we are talented health professionals who care, empower and treat some of our community’s most vulnerable people. We make meaningful contributions by building strong relationships and improving an individual’s quality of life by creating brighter and more fulfilling futures for our customers.

What sets us apart? A career with HealthStrong is one that is unique and offers a career pathway that will allow you the opportunity to diversify your experience as a Practitioner. Being a part of the Medibank Group means the opportunities are endless!

To start small and impact bigger.

What we offer

HealthStrong offers a comprehensive Graduate Program for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to help support new and recent graduates in consolidating their knowledge and skills whilst providing more advanced training in ageing issues. Working with HealthStrong in Aged Care provides graduates with the opportunity to experience a diverse range of conditions.

On a daily basis our staff encounter residents with:

  • Musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions
  • Cardiorespiratory disease
  • Neurological impairments
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Mental health conditions
  • Palliative illnesses

HealthStrong is committed to creating innovative, talented and passionate Gerontological practitioners and it is for this reason that we have developed a dedicated New Graduate Training Program. As a new graduate you will receive:

  • Dedicated New Graduate Training in-services
  • Regional and State-based team in-services
  • Unlimited access to HealthStrong Academy Webinars
  • $1,000 per annum* for external professional development activities (*pro rata)
  • Galaxy Tablet to facilitate access to online resources and journals
  • Comprehensive training and orientation
  • 1:1 support and development

We focus on providing intensive support and training to our new graduates and in order to do this, we only take a small number of graduates each year. Competition for these positions is high and we encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible.

To apply now, email your resume to


As a HealthStrong employee, you will be entitled to an array of benefits to make your HealthStrong experience as valuable as possible. These benefits include:

  • Competitive remuneration packages, plus a rewards + incentives program
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allowance
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • In-service training by the HealthStrong Clinical Team
  • Internal transfer opportunities – we operate throughout Australia!
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Ongoing support from our head office team and Senior Clinicians
  • Staff events
  • Ongoing Career Development – #comegrowwithus

Career FAQs

  • I’m a Physiotherapist. What would my role include?
    Our physiotherapists work incredibly hard and subsequently achieve great patient outcomes. You will be responsible for conducting comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and developing care plans, providing physiotherapy treatment for the management of pain as well as providing rehabilitation interventions where identified. You will also be responsible for overseeing the physiotherapy aides, undertaking exercise classes and leading manual handling training.
    • I’m an Occupational Therapist. What would my role include?
      Our OT’s and Physio’s often work side by side in many facilities. Similar to the Physio duties above, an OT will be involved in a combination of assessment, care planning and evaluation of the residents initial and ongoing care needs. Our OT’s also deliver ongoing treatment plans for pain management. Sites may also request OT assessments and advice for pressure care, seating, splinting or wheelchair prescription.
      • I’m a Podiatrist. What would my role include?
        As a podiatrist, you will be assigned to a number of different facilities (all within close proximity) and visit each of these on a regular basis. You will be responsible for assessing each resident and developing a treatment care plan with them. Our podiatrists also provide regular in-service training to staff and families on a variety of foot health topics.
        • Can I talk to one of your professionals to find out more information about the role?
          Of course! Please call us on 1300 660 086 and we will put you in contact with our Team Leaders.
          • Where do your practitioners work?
            Our practitioners work within residential aged care facilities. Most of our practitioners work only on one site and quite often there are two practitioners on site in larger facilities. We have facilities nationwide and always try our best to place practitioners on a site as close to home as possible.
            • Will I receive any training when I first start?
              All employees are given a comprehensive induction when they first arrive. It includes everything you need to ensure that you feel confident in starting work. You will also have constant support from your team leader and mentor as well as having a friendly Head Office Team for any further questions. No two practitioners are the same, therefore we will work with you to ensure that you have the best training and support to suit you as an individual.
              • Do I need a car/license?
                It is helpful however it isn’t mandatory unless you are applying for a mobile role. At HealthStrong, we do our best to place our practitioners on a site as close to home as possible. We will work with you closely to find a location which has good public transport access if you do not have a car.
                • Do I need to have experience in Aged Care to apply?
                  Whilst experience is always great, it isn’t essential. We will provide you with comprehensive training when you start and you will have ongoing learning opportunities to help you expand your knowledge within the field of Gerontology. We provide all of our employees with numerous training and development incentives to assist in expanding their skills and knowledge.
                  • I’m an overseas trained Practitioner. Can I work for HealthStrong?
                    Yes, if you are eligible for full AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) registration you can apply for a role with us. For further information please contact us on 1300 660 086 or email our Talent Acquisition Partners, Maria Karagiannis at or Aaron Stinson at
                    • I’m an overseas trained Physiotherapist with who is eligible for Limited Registration under AHPRA. Can I work with HealthStrong?
                      Yes, if you are currently in Australia and are eligible to apply for Limited Registration under AHPRA or currently already have Limited Registration then you can work with HealthStrong. We will help you through the application process and complete all required AHPRA paperwork to secure a suitable working location and Clinical Supervisor. For further information please contact us on 1300 660 086 or email our Talent Acquisition Partners, Maria Karagiannis at or Aaron Stinson at
                      • I’m only looking for part-time work is this possible?
                        At HealthStrong, we understand that no two situations are the same and this is why we offer flexibility in our positions. We can offer permanent full-time and part-time positions as well as locum positions. We can even cater to mums/dads and the school drop off.
                        • Is there job diversity within Aged Care?

                          Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists working in Aged Care are truly the General Practitioners of the Allied Health world. On a daily basis you will see patients with:

                          • Musculoskeletal complaints – pain, arthritis, muscular tears, joint instability
                          • Cardiorespiratory disease – COPD, bronchiectasis, emphysema
                          • Neurological disease – Stroke, ABI, Hungtington’s Disease
                          • Cognitive deficits – Dementia, Brain injury
                          • ADL Limitations
                          • Patients with ALL OF THE ABOVE

                          Whereas let’s consider private practice – it’s primarily a musculoskeletal or sports caseload and even then most of that will be backs, knees, and shoulders. The same goes for hospital work – across the entire hospital there is great diversity, but you are usually assigned to one ward and therefore seeing very similar patients day-in/day-out.

                          • What do I need to be employed with HealthStrong?
                            Aside from compliance documents (Degree, AHPRA registration, police check), you will need to have an interest in working within the aged care sector. We want employees who share our vision, are hard-working and reliable and want to be a part of our HealthStrong Team.
                            • Is there weekend or after hours work required?
                              We work standard business hours – 8:30am-4:30pm each day. Having said this, in most cases, our practitioners are able to start earlier or later than this to suit their lifestyle. As for weekend and after-hours work, it is not required nor expected. We can offer Saturday work to employees who would rather work a Saturday than a weekday.
                              • What incentives do you offer employees?
                                Our employees work hard and they are rewarded with great incentives. We offer our employees a competitive remuneration package, paid indemnity and liability insurance, $1000 allowance for professional development, free webinars, and journal access just to name a few.
                                • Is there any career progression or self-development available?

                                  At HealthStrong, we believe that all of our practitioners need support and this is why we have an established management team. We have both State-based and National management positions and we provide employees with access to management and leadership courses to assist them in reaching their career goals. Additionally, you may be interested in joining the APA special interest group, Gerontology. You could also aim for Titling and Specialisation through this group. Soon there will be higher research degrees and coursework Masters options available. There are regular PD opportunities provided by both the APA and other sources. In Aged Care, there is great opportunity to become Team Leaders, Regional Managers or National Managers – the opportunities are endless.

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