Driving Functions

At Medibank, we have a clear purpose, to impact better health outcomes for our customers and patients, the community and our employees. Our Driving Functions put these people at the heart of everything we do.


People, Spaces & Sustainability, Finance & Strategy, Trust, Legal & Compliance, Data & Technology and Policy, Advocacy & Reputation make up Medibank’s Driving Functions. Together, these areas partner with Amplar Health and our Customer business areas (across both our Medibank and ahm brands) to ensure we can operate at our best.

At Medibank, we pride ourselves on the diversity in our people, how we work together, what we do and how we think. We empower our employees to live their best lives, through flexible working, health initiatives and employee wellbeing programs.

What can I apply for?

The teams and roles within our Driving Functions vary. We have listed the focus for each area so you can find the function where you will make the most impact.

Required experience for each role varies significantly, so we would suggest you look at the specific requirements in the advert for current roles.

If you have any queries regarding a vacancy, please email us at careers@medibank.com.au

  • People, Spaces & Sustainability

    We care deeply about creating an experience for our people, customers and community that is centred around being customer obsessed, committed to health and wellbeing, inclusive and, values and purpose driven.

    Our focus is on helping our people be at their best and feel safe to bring their most authentic versions of themselves to work each day. We’re also big believers of having the choice in how, when and where we conduct our work.

    We’re specialists in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience and Employee Communications, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Workplace Relations, Performance and Rewards, Learning and Organisational Development, Sustainability and Property.

  • Trust, Legal & Compliance

    We work with the business to provide fearless advice and practical solutions that help our business partners to make well-informed decisions, while minimising legal risk and ensuring we comply with the law.

    We provide corporate governance and legal advisory services at Medibank. In addition to the legal team, we cover compliance and company secretarial, as well as manage Medibank’s relationship with our regulators.

  • Finance & Strategy

    We enable informed decision making to achieve our stakeholder and customer aspirations for better performance. We ensure the company stays financially healthy and can meet its obligations, while also contributing to our long-term business strategy and governance through controls, maintenance, commercial insights and advice.

    Some of our focus areas include; ensuring care of our people and processes; providing stewardship; being curious; and enabling business strategy.

    We are specialists in the areas of Financial Control, Corporate and Commercial Finance, Procurement, Internal Audit, Actuary, Risk, Treasury, Investor Relations and Investments.

  • Data & Technology

    Also known as D&T, we are made up of a large group of professionals across technology all working to support Medibank’s strategy to be recognised in delivering customer-centric solutions that drive operational excellence and efficiency.
    We are specialists in the areas of Medibank’s Solution Delivery, Information Management, IT Strategy, Architecture and Security teams.

  • Policy, Advocacy & Reputation

    We act as the central point for government and industry relations, health stakeholders, health policy, reputation and external communications. We work closely with all areas of the business to establish Medibank’s reputation as a leading health company, advocate for a sustainable health system and drive healthcare system reform and demonstrate our capability to deliver the best health and wellbeing for Australia.

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