Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring everyone enjoys the same opportunities and rewards at Medibank, regardless of gender. With gender balanced leadership throughout our organisation, we are serious about addressing gender bias, pay equity, women in leadership, sharing of parental responsibilities, and domestic and family violence. Regardless of gender, at Medibank, every voice counts.

Our Actions

The Gender Workgroup is one of five workgroups in the Diversity & Inclusion space at Medibank and its role is to improve gender equality at Medibank by:

  • Ensuring that gender diversity remains a high priority of the company;
  • Providing and facilitating communication discussion around gender diversity issues;
  • Providing suggested initiatives to Medibank P&C and the Diversity Council;
  • Providing feedback to P&C and the Diversity Council on suggested initiatives;
  • Addressing the barriers and enablers faced at Medibank to have successful careers;
  • Celebrating achievements of women at Medibank and in the Health industry;

Medibank champions change in the areas of:

  • Pay equity
  • Women in leadership
  • Gender bias & discrimination
  • Parental leave
  • Domestic & family violence


Medibank is an official Employer of Choice for Gender Equality