Connecting friends + future careers

We have more ways for our employees to refer friends to future career opportunities at Medibank.

We encourage employees to refer friends for the same reason they choose to work for Medibank, for their passion For Better Health.

To say ‘thank you’ for the successful referral, employees are placed into a monthly raffle for the chance to win $500.

Employees can elect to keep this reward, or donate to a charity of choice via our Good 2 Give program. Every $ donated to charity will be gift matched by Medibank!

Employee referral stories

Gemma referred by Katelyn


How did you and Katelyn meet?
Gemma: I met Katelyn through my partner. We have been friends for the last couple of years, and more so since Katelyn moved back from Adelaide.

How did Katelyn mention the opportunity at Medibank?
Gemma: I had a keen interest to work at Medibank and after chatting to Katelyn I sent my resume through. Thankfully my current team needed someone to start as soon as possible, and as it turned out my experience matched the job requirements!

How have you found working at Medibank?
Gemma: Medibank has a fantastic culture, and I really enjoy working in the thrive environment with so many fantastic people – it’s been a great fit and glad that Katelyn referred me to Medibank!

Josh referred by Chris


How did you and Chris meet?
Josh: We worked together in the telco industry. I learnt a lot from Chris during my time working with him and have valued his support since that time.

How did Chris mention the opportunity at Medibank?
Josh: Chris called me while I was working in my previous role and advised me that Medibank had a role in Victoria that I might be interested in.  He mentioned he really enjoys working for Medibank and that I would fit in well.

How have you found working at Medibank?
Josh: Job satisfaction is at an all time high, I am proud and privileged to work alongside some great people, including Chris, and in a company with such an inspiring purpose.

Anita referred by Peita


How did you and Peita meet?
Anita: We worked together for a few years in a previous role.  We have always worked great together professionally and share a lot of common interests outside of work.

How did Peita mention the opportunity at Medibank?
Anita: Peita shared the news about her new role over a lunch catch up and also discussed a new role within her team.

How have you found working at Medibank?
Anita: Everyone has been really welcoming and friendly. The culture is very collaborative and supportive. It’s always great having someone you know when you start a new job. I think it also helps to get a good understanding of the role and culture.