A career at ahm

Here at ahm, we like to keep things simple.

We’re the sort of people who care about delivery first and fancy titles second. A proud bunch, determined to create positive experiences for our customers. We work flexibly, like disruptive ideas and aren’t afraid to challenge ‘normal’. It’s just how we do things around here – it helps us all to be at our best.

Our leaders are open, down-to-earth and accessible. This empowers us to move quickly in bringing new ideas and solutions to get the best outcomes. You’ll get to wear multiple hats. Never confined to a single role type, with ahm you can touch all parts of the business and are always encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone.

This is why, your achievements, small or substantial, won’t be ignored. They’ll be celebrated!

Keep it simple and impact bigger.

The impact is you.

About ahm Sales & Service

ahm is committed to making health insurance more affordable and accessible for more Australians. Located in Wollongong, ahm has been backed by Australia’s leading private health insurer Medibank Private Limited since 2009.

Our ahm contact centre is made up of a variety of functions which include Sales, Service and Retention. In these functions, we have Channel Leads, Team Leaders and front-line consultants who all serve our 700,000 + members. At ahm, we embrace flexibility and that includes where we work. Our teams can work from home, or in our contact centre based in Wollongong.

Our Work

The ahm Sales and Service teams aim to:

  • Create a culture that brings to life the ahm brand promise of simple, easy and affordable.
  • Allow customers to interact with us through their channel of choice.

Our Culture

ahm’s Service and Sales teams are supportive and tight knit. We take the health and wellbeing of our employee’s seriously, encouraging wellbeing at all levels of life.

What sort of jobs do we have?

Every call we take or make is a unique experience. One moment we could be talking a customer through their insurance options and the next we are be discussing a range of offers available to them. So we own it, we adapt and be accountable to make sure we deliver on our promises!

We provide face to face or virtual training, coaching, development and support to help you guide our customers to making the right decisions for their personal situation.

  • Customer Sales & Digital

    Our sales team take a straightforward approach to private health insurance. So our people are straightforward too. We are people who care about delivery first and fancy titles second. They speak to our customers through inbound and outbound calls and focus on meeting sales targets.

    Additionally, sitting within this team is the live chat consultants who work around the clock to answer customer queries and this allows the customer to choose when they want to interact with us.

  • Customer Service

    Without a doubt, the Customer Service team have passion, commitment and drive to deliver exceptional and engaging customer service to our members. Each call we take we answer with a smile on our face so we know the interaction will be the best one our member has had all day.

  • Customer Retention/Cover Review

    The retention team aim is to build and maintain relationships with existing members of ahm health insurance by providing excellent customer service. They promote the best products that will suit the customer needs.

  • Team Leaders

    Each team has a leader who is responsible for building their teams strategically through sharing knowledge, mentoring and coaching, to create success and improve overall business performance.


Our Employees