Emerging Talent Program

Will you be the one?

To Ignite change? To unlock human potential? To create a future where everyone in Australia can live better?

At Medibank, we’re encouraged to think big. With a clear purpose to impact better health outcomes for our customers, patients, and our community, we foster innovation and enable our people to see a bigger, more tangible impact from their ideas.

To start small and impact bigger.

The Impact is You.

Are you a brilliant human with a passion for Data and Analytics? Or are you keen to start developing your Strategy skillset?

Are you eager to get your foot in the door and start growing your career now?

The Emerging Talent Program commences in November and is your opportunity to kickstart your Strategy or Analytics career in 2023! 

Data and Analytics Emerging Talent Program

In the program you will complete 2 six-month rotations across the Performance and Analytics and Portfolio Analytics teams. Once your rotations are complete, you will be offered an ongoing role within Medibank.

A bit more about the teams:

  • Medibank Performance and Analytics team

    What we do: We connect datasets across the business to generate data driven insights and recommendations to support the Sales, Marketing and Service functions. The team works closely with these functions to assess the effectiveness of previously implemented initiatives and identify new high impact opportunities that directly impact our customers.

    What you will be doing: You will work closely with the team in identifying key business metrics, designing and automating performance monitoring frameworks and clearly communicating that performance with relevant stakeholders.

  • Medibank Portfolio Analytics Team

    What we do: We play a critical role in providing timely insights and advanced analytical capabilities to support Medibank’s 2030 vision and portfolio strategy. We work from problem / opportunity identification to analytical execution; and plays a key role in driving improved decision making and commercial outcomes across the organisation.

    What you will be doing: You will translate commercial questions into relevant analytical approaches, execute the analyses and communicate findings / recommendations to stakeholders in a commercially impactful manner.

  • What we’re on the look out for in candidates
    • Familiarity with coding.
    • A love for learning and passion for data.
    • Logical thinking to problem solving.
    • Ability to gain insights from big sets of data.
    • Clear, confident and concise communication style.

Strategy Emerging Talent Program

In the program you will complete 2 six-month rotations across the Commercial Excellence and Strategy and Customer Proposition teams. Once your rotations are complete, you will be offered an ongoing role within Medibank.

A bit more about the teams:

  • Commercial Excellence team

    What we do: We use strategy and analytics to support every part of the business. We generate strategic insights and detailed analysis to build data-driven recommendations on how to grow and improve.

    What you will be doing: You will support the end-to-end creation and delivery of insights and recommendations for either ongoing ‘BAU’ purposes, or for a defined ‘taskforce’. You will learn how to use our data to generate these insights, and how to turn them into commercially-minded recommendations.

  • Strategy and Customer Proposition team

    What we do: We lead enterprise-wide strategies as well as the planning and development of large cross-functional initiatives in alignment with Medibank’s priorities.

    What you will be doing: You will conduct research, data gathering, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and insight generation to support strategy definition and development.

  • What we’re on the look out for in candidates
    • Excellent communicators.
    • Curious problem solvers and critical thinkers.
    • Analytical capability, you can analyze and visualize data using tools such as excel, SQL or Tableau.
    • Ability to quickly grasp new ideas, techniques, and insights.
    • Studies in commerce, economics, finance, statistics.



You are eligible to apply for the 2023 Graduate Program if:

  • You are an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or you are on a Graduate Visa.

Interested in applying but still have some study to complete? Have a chat with your TA partner in the screening call about how we can flex around studies in your last semester!

Why Medibank

At Medibank, our purpose is Better Health for Better Lives. This means everything we do as an organisation is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in Australia and helping them lead better quality lives.

We’ve been around for over 40 years and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe humans are remarkable creatures and capable of achieving extraordinary things. And when we have good health and wellbeing, we can be even better versions of ourselves.

We believe that health is the human version of a superpower. The enabler of potential. Our people play an important role in unlocking and protecting human potential. We believe that by working together, we’re stronger.

We’re passionate about nurturing careers, supporting new innovation and thinking, and openly collaborate and share ideas. We’re healthy and active in our lives, and wellbeing is encouraged at every level.

The Medibank team works together to deliver better experiences for our customers and help everyone in Australia to live better. Just like Medibank’s customers, our people are all unique in their life experiences, skills and abilities. We respect this and will continue to build a culture that supports physical and mental wellbeing.

Diversity and Inclusion

Come as you are. Challenge who we become. 

What does inclusion mean? Everyone talks about it, but at Medibank we choose it. 

Every day, with intention, we choose to include. To show up as we are and allow others to do the same. To stand up for what we believe and support others who stand on their own. 

We believe that each one of us – whatever our gender, race, ability, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation – is on a journey. And each journey is different. None of us fits a mould. 

We come as we are. 

Click here to understand more about inclusion at Medibank, including our public commitments. 

Application and recruitment process

  • Step 1 Get to know us

    Get to know us better. Browse the Careers site to find out more about our business, our people, our culture and what we care about. If you think we are the perfect fit for each other, submit your application form and resume via the application link.

  • Step 2 Online assessment

    You’ll receive an email inviting you to complete an online assessment via the Sapia platform, you’ll need to complete this within 48hrs. For the online assessment, you will also complete an online first interview via a chat experience. You can do this anywhere, either on desktop, tablet or mobile and be sure to find a quiet place for 25-30 minutes so you can answer all the questions thoughtfully. There is so much insight about your personality that can be identified based on how and what you write – so you can expect a fantastic and fully customised personality profile with career coaching tips after submitting your answers.

  • Step 3 Phone chat

    If you’re successful post the online assessment, we will give you a call to find out more about you and invite you to attend a virtual interview.

  • Step 4 Interviews & Case Study

    Your time to shine! In the first round you will meet with our People and Culture experts, if you’re successful through this round you will then meet with leaders from your strea. Now’s your chance to show us what you can do!

  • Step 6 Background checks

    If you are successful post the case study, we will conduct visa & working rights checks and police checks.

  • Step 7 Offer!

    If all goes well with the background checks, we will give you a call to make a verbal offer and go through the details of that offer. This will be followed by a formal employment contract, along with more onboarding information.

Support and FAQs