Amplar Health

Everyone experiences life in a different way. So, how can we make a career in healthcare more personal?​​ ​​One that allows you to balance your own wellbeing, to make time for everyday moments.​​ ​​For family, for friends, for doing what you love.​​

​​A supportive environment that gives you time to grow your skills.​​ ​​And focuses on caring for your patients above all else.​​

​​At Amplar Health, we’re creating a workplace that’s tailored to our employees.​​ ​​That’s committed to better listening.​​ ​​That’s dedicated to more support.​​ ​​That’s always focused on improvement.​​

A career that works for you.​​ ​​Your career in healthcare made personal.​​

We’ve recently unified our health services under one new brand. Bringing together over 1,000 employees including nurses, general practitioners, mental health professionals, and allied health professionals.


Opportunities that deliver services both virtually as well as face to face in the community.

Allied Health

We provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and dietetics care to Australians wherever they call home.

General Practice & Doctors

Our GPs take the telephone consultations from the comfort of their own home.

Mental Health

Qualifications and experience varies but could include mental health nurses, psychologists and counsellors.

Corporate and Support

Experts in Data Analytics, Customer Service, Operations, Workforce Planning & Clinical Governance enable our teams to deliver care to our patients.