Preparing for parental leave

At Medibank, we know from our customers that families come in all shapes and sizes. Our policies are designed to support all parents, including adoptive parents, foster parents, kinship arrangements, surrogacy situations and same-sex couples. We are committed to providing a flexible suite of options for employees caring for children, and encourage both parents to take an active role in childcare.

father cuddling his young son

Our values

At Medibank, we are committed to supporting your career. We recognise the value of the different perspectives and experiences you’ll have as a parent, and how these will help you to connect better to our customers and our purpose – “Better Health For Better Lives”.

By providing an environment that is diverse, inclusive and flexible, we aim to support you and your people leader as you take on an active role in caring for your family and transitioning back to the workplace. Whether this is your first (or fifth) time preparing for your new arrival, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Key benefits

Some of the key parental leave benefits and entitlements Medibank employees enjoy include:

table of parental leave policy benefits