Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

At Medibank, our purpose is: Better Health for Better Lives. To truly live this purpose, we embrace a healthier way of working by providing employees with flexibility in how and where they conduct their work.

Our flexible approach and focus on the health and wellbeing of our people continues to be a real differentiator for us. For all of us at Medibank, work is something we do, not somewhere we go.

Our emphasis is on the outcomes, not the locations.

That’s why our offices are a place where employees can connect, collaborate and, if needed, concentrate. We believe that decisions about the how, when and where of work should be made by all employees in partnership with their team, for the reasons they deem important.

In line with this, we give our people the opportunity to work more flexible hours and rosters, and to take leave when they need it. Through our work. reinvented experiments, we are further exploring new ways of working, challenging the traditional work week and piloting new approaches to autonomous teams.  For more information ask our Talent Engagement team!

With flexible working options, our people have the choice in how and where they work to stay healthy and feel good. Having a choice in how and when we access flexibility and health and wellbeing allows us to give more and live a more balanced life.

Flexibility is available to all our employees – whether that be to spend time volunteering, to participate in sports or leisure activities, or working from home in order to spend some time with your family at the end of the day.

Watch Chloe and Dan’s videos below to learn more about flexible working at Medibank.