Come as you are. Challenge who we become.

What does inclusion mean? Everyone talks about it, but at Medibank we choose it.

Every day, with intention, we choose to include. To show up as we are and allow others to do the same. To stand up for what we believe and support others who stand on their own.

We believe that each one of us – whatever our gender, race, ability, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation – is on a journey. And each journey is different. None of us fits a mould.

We come as we are.

Inclusion at Medibank

We learn. We grow. We call out bias and encourage inclusion. We address pay equity, equality in leadership, caring for kids, caring for family, disability, and domestic and family violence. Wherever we are – with colleagues, customers or loved ones – we tackle the big issues.

Inclusion is our responsibility.

We challenge ourselves. We challenge each other. We challenge the way we see difference. Together, we can change the way one person, or an entire community, thinks or behaves.

We are here to push ourselves beyond our roles. To share our personal experiences. To be more open. To make every voice count. And in doing so, challenge who we become. As individuals, as an organisation, and as a society.

Our Commitment

  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

    Acknowledgement of Country
    Medibank acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of this nation. We proudly recognise Elders past and present as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and live. We’re committed to supporting self-determination and envision a future where all Australians embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights as a central part of our national identity. We encourage applications and enquiries from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are looking to start or continue their career with Medibank.

    Our Commitment
    We support Indigenous self-determination and envision a future where all Australians embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights as a central part of our national identity. We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to help achieve reconciliation, supporting health equality and improving overall Indigenous health outcomes. In 2012, Medibank was the first private health insurer in Australia to release a Reconciliation Action Plan. We are now delivering the commitments of our fifth Reconciliation Action Plan which focuses on:

    • Creating a culturally inclusive, safe and responsive workforce
    • Addressing health equity
    • Establishing strong, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships
    • Sharing our reconciliation journey


    Our Actions
    Medibank works towards greater reconciliation in Australia by;

    • Increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee representation across the organisation to 2% of our total workforce (as reported in our annual engagement survey), with a focus on increasing representation in more senior roles.
    • Continuously updating Medibank’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, engagement, and professional development strategy.
    • Continuing to integrate culturally inclusive design into any new product and service development, including consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
    • Setting Indigenous procurement targets and partnering with Supply Nation and Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium (IDIC) to enable us to support more Indigenous-owned businesses.
    • Increasing cultural responsiveness through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training for all employees.

    Read more about Reconciliation at Medibank below

    Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Accessibility

    Our Commitment

    With nearly 20% of the population living with a disability, we are committed to removing the barriers that exist for people with disability so that everyone has equal access to better health and employment outcomes. We do this by carefully considering the needs and accessibility requirements of our people, customers, and the community.

    Accessibility & Inclusion

    Medibank is committed to providing exceptional experiences for our customers, employees and community members with disabilities. We are now delivering the commitments of our second Accessibility and Inclusion Plan which focuses on:

    • Creating an inclusive, safe and disability confident workplace.
    • Ensuring an equitable and accessible customer experience.
    • Establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community partners.
    • Governance and reporting on our accessibility journey with our people, customers, and community.


    Medibank’s Accessibility & Inclusion Plan commitments to people with a disability include:

    • Working with partner organisations in the disability space to build a pipeline of talent with disability within Medibank including targeted employment opportunities for people with disability.
    • Accelerating opportunities for employees with disability to participate in leadership and professional development programs.
    • Continuing to integrate inclusive and universal design into any new product and service development, including consultation with people with disability.
    • Continuing relationships with partners including Australian Network on Disability and Get Skilled Access.

    Medibank ranked in the Top 3 Australian organisations for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Access & Inclusion Index in 2022. Read more about Accessibility and Inclusion at Medibank below.

    Accessibility and Inclusion Plan
    Diversity and Inclusion Policy

    People with a disability are encouraged to apply! We will ensure you are supported to access adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process. If you require an adjustments or alternate formats of key information, we welcome hearing from you via or (03) 8622 5666.

  • All Ages

    Our Commitment

    We recognise that different generations of people bring different skills and knowledge, and at Medibank, we are committed to supporting our employees regardless of their age or whether they are at the start of their career, in the middle, or transitioning to retirement.

    Our Actions

    • We work closely with specialist recruitment partners to increase the representation of older workers.
    • We offer flexible working arrangements to provide flexibility for people to work, no matter their age or stage of life.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive workplace for LGBTI employees to ensure that people feel safe regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We actively support the LGBTI community both inside and outside of Medibank.

    Our Actions

    Medibank is committed to supporting and advocating for LGBTI employees, customers and the community. Some of the ways we do this include:

    • Our public support for Australian Marriage Equality.
    • We will continue to benchmark our practices through ACON’s Pride in Health + Wellbeing Equality Index.
    • Membership with Pride in Diversity and Pride in Health.
    • Supporting the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation and Minus18.
    • We are working to further improve the customer experience for LGBTI and gender diverse customers.


  • Gender

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to ensuring everyone enjoys the same opportunities and rewards at Medibank, regardless of gender. With gender-balanced leadership throughout our organisation, we are serious about addressing gender bias, pay equity, women in leadership, sharing of parental responsibilities, and domestic and family violence. Regardless of gender, at Medibank, every voice counts.

    We’re proud to be a leader in gender equality. Women make up more than half of our Group and senior executive team, we have a strong pipeline of female talent, and we support gender pay equity – tracking the pay gap and acting to ensure there is never more than a 1% difference between genders.

    Our Actions

    We are improving gender equality at Medibank by:

      • Committing to a representation of at least 40% of women across our senior leadership population and at least 40% of women on the Medibank Board. As at June 2023, we had achieved 48% female representation in Group and senior executive roles, and 53% across all manager roles. Representation of women on the Medibank Board remains above target at 44%.
      • Improving the gender balance across our manager and non-manager population by maintaining at least 40% of women across our manager workforce and improving the representation of men in our non-manager workforce. In June 2023, women represented 53% of all manager roles and 77% of non-manager positions.
      • Tracking gender pay equity to ensure there is never more than 1% difference between genders.
      • Our CEO, David Koczkar, is a member of the Champions of Change Coalition.


    Medibank is an official Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (achieved every year since 2015).

    Yellow WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality Logo

  • Culture and Community

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to supporting and valuing a diverse workforce, which includes people from different cultural, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds and identities.

    We’re proud we have a unique mix of employees from a diverse range of ethnicities and backgrounds. Medibank are also committed to advocating within our sphere of influence, by being intentional and explicit in our actions, and leading initiatives around cultural diversity and inclusion.

    Our Actions

    Medibank supports cultural inclusion by:

    • Celebrating our cultures throughout the year, recognising key festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.
    • Participating in events such as A Taste of Harmony which celebrates diversity by encouraging colleagues to share food and stories from different cultural backgrounds from across the globe.
    • Challenging unconscious bias and casual racism.
    • Working to tailor our customer experience for our culturally diverse customers. 

Sustainability at Medibank

Our approach to sustainability supports our Better Health for Better Lives purpose.

Everyone in Australia deserves to live their best quality of life – for themselves, their communities, and future generations. This extends across all parts of our business – from our people and community to our environmental commitments and the governance that underpins how we operate.

You can see a complete overview of our work throughout FY22 in our Annual and Sustainability Reports.

Our Commitment

  • Community

    We support a range of programs and activities to encourage a healthier body, mind and spirit. We are also working with Indigenous communities to help achieve reconciliation and to support health equality and better overall Indigenous health outcomes.

    To find out more about Employee Health & Wellbeing, click here.

    Our commitment to addressing Loneliness.

    As a health company, we are committed to addressing Loneliness over the next 10 years. Our mission is to reduce chronic loneliness in Australia by half by 2030 by changing the narrative around loneliness, investing in research, and linking people to evidence-based services and solutions. You can read more here.

  • Environment

    The health of the environment impacts us all.

    We understand the link between climate change, the environment and the health and wellbeing of our community. That’s why we work to minimise our footprint. We are proud to have been carbon neutral since 2018.

    We are accredited carbon neutral by Climate Active. We have also announced that we will be Net Zero by 2040. You can find more details of our commitment here.

    We are committed to an ethical and sustainable supply chain and work closely with our suppliers to reduce modern slavery and support our partners to become more sustainable.

    You can read more about how we work with our suppliers here.

    Click the link to read more about our Environmental Policy.

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  • Giving

    A culture of giving

    We know that giving contributes to our health and wellbeing. By encouraging volunteering and workplace giving, we support a ‘culture of giving’ at Medibank that contributes to the health and wellbeing of our people and the communities we support.

    Visit Employee Health & Wellbeing for more information on volunteering and giving.

    To find out more about Medibank’s approach to the environment, climate change and our responsible investing, click the link below.

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