Feel good, your way

As a healthcare company, we’re committed to helping everyone in Australia enjoy better health for a better life. That goes for our customers and our people. We care about you and we want you to feel good. Because when you feel good in yourself you can live your best life.

We know health and wellbeing isn’t one size fits all. It doesn’t start and stop when you’re at work. That’s why health & wellbeing inside Medibank isn’t about us, it’s about you.

Just like we do for our customers, we offer everyone who works with us choice. So you can pick the health mix you want to feel good and live better – in the way that works for you.

It’s your feel good, your way.


What we offer

At Medibank, we offer a huge range of personal feel-good options to meet different physical, emotional, and mental health needs and preferences.

That means things you’d expect, like flu vaccinations, injury support, and employee assistance programs. And things you wouldn’t, like dietary advice, connection to community and pilates classes.

  • Flu Vaccinations

    Choosing to live better doesn’t always mean feeling great from the get-go. Sometimes the benefits are more long-term. Take our fully subsidised flu jab program for example. No one likes getting vaccinated, but that one day of having a sore arm pays off with a healthier winter.

  • Good Health Day

    Medibank Group offers all employees one day off each year, to do something you love. Our Good Health Day provides employees with paid leave for leisure purposes to promote health and wellbeing in line with Medibank’s vision and values.

  • Carers Support

    At Medibank, we want to help our employees with caring responsibilities to be better prepared, supported and connected. All employees have access to our Carers Hub which contains information on how to connect with other carers at Medibank, tips for looking after your own mental wellbeing and links to useful services.

  • Study Assistance

    We’re all for supporting ways for you to grow both professionally and personally. Medibank Group offers employees access to study assistance that is intended to encourage self-development, building skills, knowledge and experience.

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Employee Feel Good Health Hub

At Medibank, our aspiration is to ensure that employee health and wellbeing is at the core of our employee experience. That’s why we’ve created our Feel Good Health Hub – a central, easy to use resource that helps you connect to better health, anywhere, anytime. In the Health Hub, our employees can access and connect directly to our suite of health and wellbeing offerings, including our collection of mental health tools, programs, and initiatives designed to help you live your best life. We also offer eligible employees access to a selection of free health services including health checks.

  • Employee Health Support Line

    As an employee of Medibank, you get more than just advice, you get extra support when you need it most. Medibank employees can talk to a qualified nurse or mental health professional 24 x 7. Our health professionals give you immediate access to expert, confidential support and advice. The support line aims to supplement our existing services, such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which remains available for employees as an ongoing counselling service. The four services available on this line aim to create greater choice when seeking health advice and support and include nurse triage, mental health services, pregnancy support and COVID advice. You can use the support line for yourself or when you’re looking after your family, friends or all-round favourite people.

  • Health Checks

    All employees can book a health check over the phone with an Amplar qualified Health and Wellbeing clinician. The clinician will help you to identify your own health risks and connect you with health programs and services to help you achieve your health goals.

  • Uprise

    Within the Feel Good Health Hub, Medibank employees also have access to Uprise, a digital resilience app to help track and improve your mental fitness. Available on your desktop or mobile phone (via the app store), Uprise provides employees with access to a dedicated wellbeing coach and proactive evidence-based learning modules to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and lead a happier life..

  • Financial Wellbeing via Otivo

    At Medibank, we support our people to prioritise their health and wellbeing – and that includes their financial wellbeing. Increasing financial wellbeing and reducing financial stress can help you, and your family, to live your best lives.

    What is Otivo? Otivo is a tool to increase your financial fitness and help you plan for the future. The easy-to-use website helps you create your own financial roadmap – you can set your financial goals, track your progress with a personalised dashboard and download a summary of your advice. Employees can join up for no cost, take the financial fitness test and then start building their financial road map. Additional support for financial wellbeing can also be found through financial coaching through our EAP.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We know that life can get difficult at times and sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves. Medibank offers both employees and their family members a 24/7 professional counselling service that can work with you on issues that crop up and may affect you personally or professionally, such as:

  • family, relationship and marital problems
  • balancing family and work-related issues, including conflict and harassment
  • financial and legal problems
  • dealing with grief, stress, anxiety or depression
  • smoking, alcohol and drug-related problems or eating disorders
  • Wellbeing Gateway App

    Level up your wellbeing through unlimited resources and information, programs, challenges and stories through the Assure app, your personalised digital platform.

  • Culturally Appropriate EAP Services

    In addition to our existing EAP offering, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees now have the choice of accessing culturally appropriate counselling services through the Healing Centre for Griefology. Counselling is available Monday to Friday, 9,00am – 5.00pm as well as after hours and Saturday mornings.

    The intent is to assist members to understand the broad range of support services available, how to access them and offer empathetic support during a time of personal stress.

  • Wellbeing coaching – via our EAP

    No one feels great – or even good – all the time. Sometimes we need a little help to live our best lives. That’s what our Wellness/Wellbeing coaching offers: impartial, confidential, practical advice on how to make Better Health for Better Lives real for you.

  • Financial Coaching – via our EAP

    Financial challenges can occur at many times in our life: getting married or separated, taking time away from work because of an illness or raising a family, buying or selling a home, unusual or unexpected expenses or the passing of a partner. EAP financial coaches provide confidential support to expertly and respectfully guide you back to financial control.

    Financial coaching will help you understand and manage your money by:

    • Teaching you financial skills that will last a lifetime
    • Creating a personalised action plan to manage your debt
    • Informing you how to approach and negotiate with your creditors
    • Giving you practical information on your options and rights.
  • Legal Support – via our EAP
    Book an introductory legal advice session to gain an understanding of possible avenues to manage an issue or a concern.

‘Feel Good Giving’ Program

We know that the act of giving contributes to our health and wellbeing. By encouraging volunteering across the organisation, enabling workplace giving, and gift-matching, we support a ‘culture of giving’ at Medibank. This contributes to the health and wellbeing of our people and the communities we support.

Feel Good Giving brings our purpose to life by providing invaluable assistance to build further capacity within schools, public health and community organisations. Whether it be through skilled or unskilled volunteering, donation matching or fundraising, Feel Good Giving provides our people with the flexibility and choice to meet their needs and those of the community.

  • Donating

    Whether it is $5 or $25, our employees can choose to make a tax-free donation to a good cause as part of their regular salary payments through our workplace giving program. Medibank then matches these donations to the value of $1,000 per employee, annually.

  • Volunteering

    Did you know that volunteering is highly associated with greater health and happiness? In fact, people who volunteer or give are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t. That’s why at Medibank, each employee is entitled to one ‘community day’ a year, with full pay, to give back to the community through volunteering. This program encourages our people to step out of their usual job and comfort zone to contribute physically to a community cause that they connect with. We’re increasingly focused on matching the skills, talents and capabilities of our people to organisations where these skills are needed most.

  • Fundraising

    Feel Good Giving makes it easy for you to connect your workmates, friends and family to your favourite cause with fun, easy to use tools for creating your very own fundraising page.

    You can fundraise for any registered charity you care deeply about; fundraise for events like the City to Surf, Melbourne Marathon; or collect donations for a charity in lieu of wedding or birthday presents. It’s also super easy for people to donate and support you along the way. Your Medibank friends can make pre-tax donations straight from their salary and your friends and family outside of Medibank can log into Goodcompany’s external website and make their donations via credit card.

    What makes fundraising through the Feel Good Giving program even better is Medibank will match up to $1,000 to any donation made by an eligible employee to your fundraising page

Live Better at Home

At Medibank, we know that caring for yourself helps you to care for those around you. That’s why we’ve created Live Better at Home. We’re encouraging all Australians to join our eat, move and feel activities that will help us all stay active and healthy.

You can check out our library of videos and resources to help you eat move and feel better at home here​.

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