Feel good, your way

As a healthcare company, we’re committed to helping every Australian enjoy better health for a better life. That goes for our customers and our people. We care about you and we want you to feel good. Because when you feel good in yourself you can live your best life.

We know health and wellbeing isn’t one size fits all. It doesn’t start and stop when you’re at work. That’s why health & wellbeing inside Medibank isn’t about us, it’s about you.

Just like we do for our customers, we offer everyone who works with us choice. So you can pick the health mix you want to feel good and live better – in the way that works for you.

It’s your feel good, your way.

female smiling at someone out of shot sitting at a table with a banana and bowl of berries

What we offer

At Medibank, we offer a huge range of personal feel-good options to meet different physical, emotional, and mental health needs and preferences.

That means things you’d expect, like discounted gym memberships, flu vaccinations, injury support, and employee assistance programs. And things you wouldn’t, like dietary advice, connection to community and guitar lessons.

Good Health Day

Medibank Group offers all employees one day off each year (on full pay), to do something you love.

Man smiling to someone out of shot holding tongs cooking on a barbecue

Flu vaccinations

Choosing to live better doesn’t always mean feeling great from the get-go. Sometimes the benefits are more long-term. Take our fully subsidised flu jab program for example. No one likes getting vaccinated, but that one day of having a sore arm pays off with a healthier winter.

woman blowing her nose

Wellbeing coaching – via our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

No one feels great – or even good – all the time. Sometimes we need a little help to live our best lives. That’s what our Wellness/Wellbeing coaching offers: impartial, confidential, practical advice on how to make Better Health for Better Lives real for you.

Financial Wellbeing – via Map My Plan

Map My Plan will enable Medibank to help reduce the impact of financial stress in the workplace and improve the financial wellbeing of our employees. Accessed via a simple URL, Map My Plan provides simply packaged, personalised financial advice across the elements of debt, savings, protection/insurance, superannuation, retirement and investments. Employees join up for no cost, take the financial fitness test and then start building their financial road map. Keep your plan up to date as your life changes. Additional support for financial wellbeing can also be found through financial coaching through our EAP.

Financial Coaching – via our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Financial challenges can occur at many times in our life: getting married or separated, taking time away from work because of an illness or raising a family, buying or selling a home, unusual or unexpected expenses or the passing of a partner. EAP financial coaches provide confidential support to expertly and respectfully guide you back to financial control.

Financial coaching will help you understand and manage your money by:

  • Teaching you financial skills that will last a lifetime
  • Creating a personalised action plan to manage your debt
  • Informing you how to approach and negotiate with your creditors
  • Giving you practical information on your options and rights.

Remedial massage through the Health Hub

If you like to get your feel-good at work, we’ve got some great news: employees can book remedial massages at the Health Hub at Medibank Place in Melbourne.

Remedial massages target those problem spots that crop up when we sit at our desks too long. They’re a great way to loosen up, reset and ensure you leave work walking tall (and living better).


GymBetter is a Medibank app that enables people to buy passes to exercise at participating gyms, without being locked into a contract (and Medibank members with dual cover save more than 25% off the cost of gym entry).


Bicycle users

MediBUG (Medibank Bicycle User Group) is a group of employees supported by Medibank, that aims to simplify and improve bike commuting for all Medibank Group employees. MediBUG participates in National Ride to Work Day annually and hosts additional cycling events throughout the year.

man in gym clothing holding his bicycle in a bike storage room

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We know that life can get difficult at times and sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves. Medibank offers both employees and their family members a 24/7 professional counselling service that can work with you on issues that crop up and may affect you personally or professionally, such as:

  • family, relationship and marital problems
  • balancing family and work-related issues, including conflict and harassment
  • financial and legal problems
  • dealing with grief, stress, anxiety or depression
  • smoking, alcohol and drug-related problems or eating disorders

Study assistance

We’re all for supporting ways for you to grow both professionally and personally. Medibank Group offers employees access to study assistance that is intended to encourage self-development, building skills, knowledge and experience.

Community and Giving

Did you know that volunteering is highly associated with greater health and happiness? In fact, people who volunteer or give are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t.

At Medibank, we are committed to helping our people be the best that they can be. That’s why all Medibank employees have access to eight hours of community leave per year and why Medibank matches employee donations up to $1,000 per year for each employee.


Edible Garden – Medibank Place only

Employees can enjoy a variety of vegetables and herbs picked from our edible garden at Medibank Place in Docklands, VIC. These can be enjoyed at either work or at home with freshly cooked meals.


In Office Fruit Delivery

Medibank Group employees can enjoy a variety of fresh fruits that are delivered weekly to our corporate offices.